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Contact: Andrew Magirl

Phone: 541-402-4423
The phone number goes to our Corvallis Clinic location. I can be contacted there Monday-Friday from 7AM-12:00PM


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Duties and Responsibilities of the Athletic Trainer:

Athletic trainers are allied healthcare professionals who enhance the quality of healthcare for the physically active population. Athletic trainers are trained to deal with injuries that occur in sports, and typically work with other healthcare professionals who collectively form a sports medicine team. Members of this team include physicians, the physician assistant, nurse practitioners, and physical therapists, and other medical support personnel.


The athletic trainers governing body is the National Athletic Trainers Association. The NATA establishes the standards of practice, and code of ethics for all athletic training professionals to abide by. Certified athletic trainers work in a variety of settings including secondary schools, school districts, colleges, universities, professional sports teams, and sports medicine clinics.

The six major performance domains of practice established by the NATA are listed as follows: (1) prevention, (2) recognition, evaluation, and assessment of injuries, (3) immediate care of injuries, (4) treatment, rehabilitation, and reconditioning of athletic injuries, (5) healthcare administration, (6) professional development and responsibility.






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