Philomath High School District

Transcripts (Academic Record)

Current and former students may order transcripts from the Counseling Center. "Official" transcripts are embossed, signed and placed in a sealed envelope. Please allow one day for requests to be processed. Due to confidentiality, transcripts must be requested in person or in writing by the student or former student. Transcript request forms are available in the counseling center. Please allow sufficient time for processing.

Transcript Request Form pdf

For current students, the first three (3) are free, but postage fees will be charged if the transcripts are mailed. After three, the charge for each transcript will be $2 if picked up at the counseling center, or $2.50 if it is mailed.  For past students, transcripts are $2 if picked up at the Guidance Center, or $2.50 if it is mailed.

In all cases, prepayment is required to process the request. For further questions, please contact 541-929-3211.