Philomath High School District

PHS Library

The Philomath High School Library is open during all periods of the school day, as well as before and after school to provide access to information and media resources for teachers and students and assistance in their use. Over 20 computers with access to the Internet and magazine databases are available as well as Research, Fiction and non-Fiction collections of books and AV resources.

Books, Reference Resources and Videos

To find books or videos in the library use the online catalog.

We also have access to Grolier online! If you want to use this resource at home, ask Mrs. Goodson for the passwords.


Go to the OSLIS databases.

The PHS Library subscribes and provides print copies of over 30 different magazine titles on a variety of topics. For online research and access to hundreds of other magazines, with articles available in their full-text form, we recommend you use OSLIS.


The PHS Library subscribes and provides print copies of the following newspapers:

For online research and access to regional, national and international newspapers, we recommend you use the following databases:

Recommended Search Engines

Searching for information on the Internet can be aided by the use of reliable search engines. The following are recommended for student and teacher use:

General Search Engines and Directories

Specialized Search Engines and Directories

    Links to Other Libraries

For further assistance ...

Contact the PHS Librarian, Susan Goodson, to set up an appointment for consultation and help. She is available during all hours of the school day, as well as, before and after school for research and technical assistance.