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Counseling Center

Mrs. Edgemon Ms. St. Clair Ms. Misner

Ms. Edgemon, Counselor
Phone: 541-929-3211, ext. 1832
Fax: 541-929-3244

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Ms. St. Clair, Counselor
Phone: 541-929-3211, ext. 1831
Fax: 541-929-3244

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Ms. Misner, Registrar
Phone: 541-929-3211, ext. 1132
Fax: 541-929-3244


Counselor Assignments

Counselors are assigned to an entire class of freshmen and follow them through graduation. To see your counselor, come to the counseling center and sign-up. Sometimes they are available on a walk-in basis. Parents are encouraged to call or email for an appointment.


The PHS counseling program assures every student the opportunity to develop positive attitudes, knowledge, skills and abilities to achieve success in school and life. Counselors have a sound understanding of the needs and developmental abilities of teenagers, and are committed to positive education and growth for our students and our community. Students will have opportunities to develop in four areas consistent with the Oregon Framework for Guidance and Counseling Programs: Academic Development, Career Development, Personal/Social Development and Service Learning.


We provide services to students, parents, school staff and the community in the following areas:

Counseling and Guidance Curriculum: Consisting of lessons designed to aid students in gaining the skills and knowledge to demonstrate personal, social and academic growth, as well as to prepare and make appropriate decisions for career and life development.

Individual Planning: Assessment and direct activities relevant to student appraisal, advisement and placement. Topics include opportunities for career technical skills acquisition, college selection, financial aid, interest surveys, course selection, career exploration and portfolios.

Responsive Services: Both preventative and as immediate intervention during personal crisis. This may include individual counseling, consultation with parents, teachers or other professionals and referral to other school support services or community resources as needed.

Ethical Standards

As professional school counselors, we adhere to standards of practice that support your:

We recognize and abide by the American School Counselor Association Ethical Standards for School Counselors.


A note to our students:

Confidentiality means that the privacy of information that you share with your counselor belongs to you. You may share information with others as you wish, but confidentiality laws mandate your right to privacy. We will guard that privacy as much as is permitted by law, ethics, and school rules. We recognize the legal rights and responsibilities of parents in doing what is in the best interest of their children. You should know that there are exceptions where we are obligated to break confidentiality, including: imminent danger to yourself or others. State law also mandates reporting of child abuse. If we see a conversation moving in this direction we will let you know of our duty to report. Otherwise, what is said in our office between student and counselor stays between student and counselor.

Philomath School District School Counselors are professional school counselors who have a master’s degree or higher in school counseling and meet the Oregon Teacher and Standards Practices Commission for licensure.