Philomath High School District

student recognition

The following students have been chosen for the Philomath High School Students of the Month: 



January 2017 Students of the Month Winners




        Florence Anderson - Academics          Anita Acevedo - Activities & Leadership



           Blythe Taufásaua - Citizenship            Casey Croy - Perseverance



   Isabelle Loyd - Service & Volunteerism        Nate Haslam - Warrior Recognition


December 2016 Student of the Month Winners



              Kurt Foster - Academics        Joseph Johnson - Activities and Leadership




           Rhonen Smiley - Citizenship          Calvin Snuggerud - Perseverance




         Justin Johnson - Warrior Recognition




November 2016 Student of the Month Winners



            Rachel Worley - Academics                       Bailey Nelson - Activities and Leadership





               Tegan Weaver - Citizenship                            Brittny Riddle - Perseverance





      Jaime Chambers - Service and Volunteerism        Sarah Buddingh - Warrior Recognition



October Student of the Month Winners



            Anna Collins - Activities & Leadership             McKenzie McHuron-Guss - Academics




             Lindsay House - Citizenship                             Lauren Carter - Perseverance




             Emily Simmons - Service & Volunteerism        Lacey Luke - Warrior Recognition



September of the Month Winners



           Jared Erickson - Academics                  Christopher McMorran - Activities & Leadership 



               Lilly Bogard - Citizenship                               Gavin Moody - Perseverance



                Emily Jensen - Service and Volunteerism