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Student Recognition Beyond PHS

Philomath High School has joined with Linn Benton Community College to expand options to students that will allow them to take college classes while enrolled in high school. This program is for students that are at least 16 years old. Please see the attached files for more information. Also, please talk to your school counselor about the options available to you. This is not only a great opportunity for PHS students but also home schooled students that reside in the Philomath School District.

Report Card

Please view the issued by the Oregon Department of Education to learn more about our school.

Daily Schedule

Course Catalog

PHS Graduation Requirements

Students can access their 4 year plan by clicking on the links below. Besides completing course work, students also complete a senior project that will allow them to meet other graduation requirements set by the state of Oregon. If you have any questions regarding graduation requirements, please contact your counselor.

Career And Service Experience (C.A.S.E.)

All Seniors at Philomath High School will complete a C.A.S.E. The C.A.S.E. provides juniors and seniors the chance to design and implement a complex learning experience that represents their interests, the knowledge and skills they have gained in school, and their vision for the future. Each student will design a project that fits into one of three categories: product-related, career-related, or service-related.

Please contact Nicole Stueve with questions regarding senior CASE projects and requirements.