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Philomath School District
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School Board Policies

Section J Students
JA-JAA Student Policy Goals
JB Equal Educational Opportunity
JBA-GBN Sexual Harassment
JBA-GBN-AR Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure
JBAA Section 504 - Students
JBAA-AR Section 504 - Students
JE Attendance
JE-AR Attendance
JEA Compulsory Attendance**
JEA-AR Compulsory Attendance Notices and Citations**
JEBA Early Entrance into the First Grade/Kindergarten
JEC Admissions
JECA Admission of Resident Students**
JECB Admission of Nonresident Students
JECB-AR Admission of Nonresident Students
JECBA Admission of Exchange Students
JECBA-AR Admission of Exchange Students
JECBB Intradistrict Transfer Students
JECBD Homeless Students
JECDA Transcript Evaluation
JECDA-AR Transcript Evaluation Procedures
JECF Interdistrict Transfer of Resident Students
JED Student Absences and Excuses
JF-JFA Student Rights and Responsibilities
JFC Student Conduct
JFCA Student Dress and Grooming**
JFCB Care of District Property by Students**
JFCF Hazing/Harassment/Intimidation/Menacing/Bullying/Cyberbullying/Teen Dating Violence-Student **
JFCF-AR Hazing/Harassment/Intimidation/Menacing/Bullying/Cyberbullying/Teen Dating Violence Complaint Procedures - Student
JFCG-KGC-GBK Tobacco-Free Environment
JFCH Alcohol
JFCI Substance/Drug Abuse
JFCJ Weapons in School
JFCJ-AR Weapons in Schools
JFCM Threats of Violence**
JFG Student Searches**
JFG-AR Student Searches**
JFI Student Demonstrations
JGA Corporal Punishment
JGAB Use of Restraint and Seclusion
JGAB-AR Use of Restraint and Seclusion
JGDA/JGEA Discipline of Disabled Students**
JGDA/JGEA-AR Discipline of Disabled Students**
JHA Student Insurance Program
JHCA Physical Examinations of Students**
JHCA/JHCB Immunization, Physical Exam & Vision Screening
JHCB Immunization of Students**
JHCC Communicable Diseases
JHCE Management of Sports-Related Concussions
JHCE-AR Medical Release, Sports-Related Concussions
JHCCA Students - HIV and HBV**
JHCCBA-EBBAB-GBEBAA HBV/Bloodborne Pathogens
JHCD Administering Noninjectable Medicines to Students**
JHCDA Administering Injectable Medicines to Students**/*
JHCD/JHCDA-AR Administering Noninjectable/Injectable Medicines to Students**/*
JHFC Student Bicycle Use
JHFCA Student Skateboard/Rollerblade/Scooter Use**
JHFD Student Vehicle Use
JHFDA Suspension of Driving Privileges
JHFDA-AR(1) Request for a Suspended Driving Privilege - Conduct
JHFDA-AR(2) Notice of Withdrawal
JHFE Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse
JHFE-AR Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse


Reporting Requirements Regarding Sexual Conduct with Students
JHFF-AR Reporting Requirements Regarding Sexual Conduct with Students
JIA Student Excellence Program
JN Student Fees, Fines and Charges**
JOA Directory Information**
JOB Personally Identifiable Information**
JOD Media Access to Students
JO-IGBAB Education Records/Records of Students with Disabilities**
JO-IGBAB-AR Education Records/Records of Students with Disabilities Management


The following symbol is used on some policies:

** As used in this policy, the term parent includes legal guardian or person in a parental relationship. The status and duties of a legal guardian are defined in ORS 125.005 (4) and 125.300 - 125.325. The determination of whether an individual is acting in a parental relationship, for purposes of determining residency, depends on the evaluation of the factors listed in ORS 419B.373. The determination for other purposes depends on evaluation of those factors and a power of attorney executed pursuant to ORS 109.056. For special education students, parent also includes a surrogate parent, an adult student to whom rights have transferred and foster parent as defined in OAR 581-015-0005 (18).