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Philomath School District

No Child Left Behind (NCLB)

Date: September 23, 2011
To: Philomath School District Parents
From: Dan Forbess, Superintendent

The federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act’s purpose is to ensure that all children in the United States
receive a quality education and are academically successful in a high-performing educational environment.
Under NCLB, each state is required to assess schools to determine whether each school has made adequate
yearly progress (AYP), as determined by several disaggregated student population test scores, which means
that they have met the academic testing standards set by the state. If the school has not made AYP for two
consecutive years, it is considered a School In Need Of Improvement.

Based on the results of last year’s academic testing in reading and math, your child’s school did not make
adequate yearly progress. At least 70% of all students were required to meet or exceed the Oregon
Assessment of Knowledge and Skills assessment last year. Unfortunately, some of our disaggregated student
groups did not reach the AYP target required by the NCLB law. By visiting the Oregon Department of
Education’s website (www.ode.state.or.us) and clicking on AYP, you can learn more about the federal NCLB
requirement. Also, you can make a District Selection, and choose Philomath, to learn more about the
disaggregated student population scores that contributed to district schools not making AYP. In addition, you
can learn how the school compares in academic achievement to other schools in the district and state.

Because our school did not make AYP, our school is eligible for additional assistance from the Oregon
Department of Education (ODE) and our staff is eligible for public school improvement support, professional
development, coaching, mentoring, etc.). Lastly, we will be applying for additional grant resources through
ODE that will contribute to providing educational supports to our students.

Most importantly, we encourage you to become involved with your child’s school to support school
improvement. To learn more about how to get involved, please visit the Philomath School District web site,
www.philomath.k12.or.us, and click on PES. We would love to have you involved in our Parent Club and
contribute to other educational partnership opportunities. Also, we encourage you to support our public
education effort with family and community activities, such as:

Please contact Dan Forbess, Superintendent, at 541-929-3169, if you you have any questions. Thank you.